Wind Mountain Software

I'm Zach Rose and Wind Mountain Software is my consulting business for making software and helping people with their projects.

About This Site

This site was hand-written in HTML5 and CSS 3 and deployed with Netlify.

The cover image, p1100643.jpg, is from Elliott Cost's Public Domain Clouds.

The snail image on the contact page was drawn by William Healey Dall and published as Illustrations and Descriptions of New, Unfigured, or Imperfectly Known Shells, Chiefly American in the Proceedings of the United States National Museum, Volume XXIV, under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution in 1902.

An original score for this website was composed and performed by Gabe Acheson in Los Angeles, CA. The electric piano track was performed over MIDI on a resampled 1975 Rhodes Mk1 and manipulated in Ableton Live. The piano track was recorded on a Knabe baby grand with a Pearlman TM-1 and Oktava MK-319 microphones.