Wind Mountain Software

I'm Zach Rose and Wind Mountain Software is my consulting business for making software and helping people with their projects.

Why Wind Mountain Software?

Developing software can freak people out.

It's all to easy to make a big detailed plan and get stuck in the weeds, or to hire a team that moves slowly and misses the mark.

At Wind Mountain Software, I do it differently. I can take in your situation, talk to your users or customers, and turn ideas into real software at a pace that can keep up with your business. I leverage a decade of experience as a software engineer at startups and established enterprises to make systems that are reliable, compliant, and secure, partly because everyone deserves it and partly because a safe place is a creative place to try new things. I'm willing to wrestle with the unknown, fill in the gaps, and think broadly and inquisitively about your goals and obstacles.

Read about our latest project and get in touch to talk about your scenario.