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Four parallel Philips Hue systems control dozens of bulbs for Ledge at Regen Projects

Fitch Trecartin Studios

In 2014, artists Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin were building out a sculptural environment for their movie Site Visit. One of the many fun aspects of their practice is their ambition for jamming on consumer tech (electric recliners, low-frequency ButtKicker transducers) and tying it all together in one super-connected exhibition. At the time, their interest was piqued by the newly emergent Philips Hue lightbulbs, and they were curious about having a light show to go with the movie.

Working with the movie's already intense post-production endeavors, I executed a number of creative approaches to sync the light score's development to the film: a small Final Cut-style editor, different ways of deriving colors in the video, and eventually a scripting language to take our conversations and translate them into colors, patterns, and transition points.

The authoring and playback tools I wrote continue to be used in their studio, and were integral to installations at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, Regen Projects and the Marciano Art Foundation in Los Angeles, Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York, and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk.

Reliable integration and thorough documentation are essential to support the longevity and fidelity of the artwork for re-installations and decades to come.
Installing Ledge at Regen Projects
Testing revealed the Hue system’s performance envelope for driving the maximum number of bulb changes per second. To scale the light score across dozens of bulbs, parallel Hue systems run on the artwork’s LAN, synchronized to an SMPTE timecode over UDP.
Lake Anticipation at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art